Dear Member

Misterton Tennis Club is committed to prioritising the well-being of all children and adults at risk, promoting safeguarding in our club at all times, including all programmes and events we run.

Safe and Inclusive Code of Conduct

Standard 1: We have Safeguarding and Equality Policies and a Code of Conduct that applies to all staff, volunteers, coaches, club members and events 

Standard 2: We empower children and adults to create safe and inclusive tennis environments, both on and off court.

Standard 3: We prioritise safe and inclusive recruitment, induction, training and support

Standard 4: We protect people’s confidential information about safeguarding and equality

Standard 5: We address safeguarding and discrimination concerns immediately, prioritising the wellbeing of children and adults at risk

This Policy is reviewed every two years [or earlier if there is a change in national legislation].

Full policy attached here