Archive 13/08/2020

August Members Update

Hope everyone is keeping well – Tennis is gradually getting back to a new normal with social tennis back on the agenda.
We had a question raised about the social session times for Monday and received feedback from members on that proposal.
Last night the committee concluded that nothing will change to the existing social times for Monday without a vote at the AGM.
In relation to that at the next AGM we will be raising amendments to the constitution to update aspects of social play and the booking system – it will be useful if all members attend the AGM to have their say.
However somewhat in conflict with the principle of AGM based decisions for social play sessions two aspects of the current situation needed to be addressed urgently.
Firstly we still have a drop in adult membership and secondly a rise in demand for coaching for possible new members on Wednesday evenings.
Secondly we need to better support the working population who can’t make the daytime sessions.
To address this we have relaxed the hold on Wednesday social time to give John some flexibility for extending coaching for these new prospective members and have set up a new Social session for Friday evening from 18:30 to 21:00 hrs to attract those who would like to play in the evenings.
These changes were made based on the historic usage of the courts over the last 6 months.
Some other news which you might have been aware of relates to our club finances.
We were approached by South Somerset District Council during June to bid for a grant offered by government to protect clubs and associations during these difficult times – we were successful and took receipt of £10,000.
Your club committee will be deliberating on the current programme of works and how best to utilise this windfall.
As usual members input on how we use our funds to develop the club are warmly invited.
Finally to just update everyone on the aspect of visitor play  – we now have a key safe by the gate to the courts so we can support visitor play, visitors can book court time (up to 1 hour) and members can bring guests, however payment is now via the booking system and Paypal.
A visitor is deemed to be a local resident from Misterton or the surrounding villages.
Visitors and members are reminded to follow the well established guidelines for correct attire and especially correct non marking footwear.
Best wishes to all and enjoy your tennis!